Bird Feeders and Bird Baths Make Happy Birds

If you’re like me, and things are out of control hectic, you look forward to sitting down and putting your feet up. For me, the bird feeder and bird bath is in clear sight of the couch under my Gazebo. I can spend hours watching the birds.
Bird Baths

I try to keep the bird bath really clean and installed a solar fountain in it. I first bought a solar fountain with no battery in it, so the minute the sun went away the fountain did not spray. Then I tried a solar fountain with battery and even if the sun goes in, it has enough battery life to keep spraying. It’s a great place for the birds to take a drink and take a bath.

I had a standing fountain that the bowl had cracked on. The base was good though. So, I looked for a planter with no hole in the bottom to put on top of the old fountain base. I has a particular style in mind for the top, but could only find with a hole in the bottom as they were planters. I went in Walmart one day, and found a planter that had a hole in it but had a plug in it. I thought I would take a chance and fill it with water. It didn’t leak so it worked out great. I put the same type solar fountain in that one as well. The bowl is a little deeper than I wanted (I wanted one with a much more sloped edge), but it will do for now. And I can always use as a planter if I find another I like better later on.


During the Winter, I have a feeder I bought from Duncraft that holds a ton of seed. But, when Spring comes the squirrels try desperately to get at the seed. Duncraft is a great place to buy quality feeders.

So, I changed to a barrel type feeder, and if the squirrel does try get to it, the baffles close so they can’t get to the seed. I have to say, I haven’t seen any squirrels in the feeder since I put it out.

Other wildlife

One of the qualms about putting a feeder out is that it also attracts chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and ground feeding birds. And the seed remnants do make a mess on the ground. 

Bird Nests

I have to say, several years in a row a bird has put a birds nest in my Spring Forsythia wreath on my front door. As in other years I had to move it to a hook above one of the windows on the covered porch.

I have a table on my covered porch with a live potted begonia on it and noticed that a bird had put a nest right inside the plant. Now I don’t want to water it, fearing I will disturb the nest. Thank God it is a begonia and is under the covered porch, it seems to be doing OK so far. I can see the plant up close from my window where I sit at my computer. It’s funny how the bird comes over to the plant with something in its beak, and must look around a million times in paranoid fashion, making sure nothing is watching it go to its nest. It is amazing birds know how to make such perfect nests and locate them where predators won’t get at them.

No matter what you enjoy, its nice to be able to open your door and walk steps out to your own garden oasis. No matter how big or small, you can form any space to your own liking.

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