My Irreplacable Countertop Convection Oven…

My trusty Solo oven

My trusty Solo oven

What would I do without my countertop oven??? I’m seriously not sure. I use this oven for everything I can. Only the items too big to fit in in go in my big oven. I have a Delongi Solo oven which I have just found out they don’t make anymore. When it breaks, I will have to find some replacement, as I definitely cannot get along without it. If I’m making brownies, they go in the small oven; roasted chicken breasts, the small oven, prime rib, the small oven; well you get the picture. This oven heats up to 450 degrees in no time, and cooks just as good as my gas oven. It has convection so baking cookies is a breeze. There’s even a rotisserie, even though I have never used it because I can’t bear the clean up. This is no toaster oven. Its large enough to be considered an oven. If you bake or cook a lot, give serious though to getting one of these.

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