What’s Eating My Hardy Hibiscus?

I planted a row of hardy Hibiscus last year, and they gave me those beautiful “Dinner Plate” sized flowers! The “pool garden” is above a rock wall, so it can be easily seen when I am in the pool. I wanted to make the garden “tropical” but that’s pretty hard to do in the Northeast.

I chose “Red Hot Poker”, Lilies in tropical colors, Crocesmia, a line of Tall Grass in the rear, and Coneflowers in tropical colors. I also planted annual Angel Wing Begonias and Tropical Hibiscus, (or what I call annual Hibiscus for theĀ  Northeast). They are super colorful, and I got a great deal on ones in 4″ pots so I planted them all over.

The other day I looked at the Hibiscus and notice the “lacy” leaves. Yup, something got at the plant and was having a great feast! I looked at the one next to it, the same, but not as bad. I knew I had to get something on the plant or in a matter of days there would only be stems. I looked on the plant and saw these green tiny caterpillar looking insects. I also saw a beetle.

I looked online for what repellent to use and saw the consensus was Thuricide (Bacillus Thuringiensis). Other’s say nothing else would touch the insects but Thuricide.

I decided to get an expert opinion, as I didn’t have time to waste with products that didn’t work. I took a leaf off with one of the bugs on it, put it into a zipper top baggie, and off to the grain store I went.
They suggested Bonide’s “Eight” Insect Control spray. I bought that and a bottle of Thuricide.

I sprayed the leaves top and bottom. Time will tell, if the insects have ended their feast, I’ll have to wait and see on the new leaves, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. And waiting patiently for those giant flowers to appear.

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