Mom’s Easter Cactus

This May 7th it will be one year since Mom passed away. She had a great life and lived to 94. She loved her house plants. One of her favorites was her Easter cactus.
Mom had a stroke which paralyzed half of her body in October 2021. It’s horrible when life as you know it just stops suddenly without warning.

Over the almost two years she was sick, her Easter cactus got neglected. I watered it occasionally, but it looked horrible. I just figured it was around for years and it had basically had it. 

She also had an Oxalis she got years ago from my Aunt in Canada that would die down to almost nothing, and then suddenly out of the blue, start growing new shoots and end up lush with beautiful flowers. Honestly, they probably don’t look too impressive now, but in a month from now can have so much foliage and be loaded with flowers. I divided them just in case something happens to one plant I still have others.

When Mom passed away I took both her Easter cactus and Oxalis home with me. The cactus was so bad that the stems were falling off right from the base. The Oxalis, not much better. Insistent that I was going to save Mom’s cherished plants, I carefully repotted them. Gave them some water and put by a sunny window.

In no time they were looking so much better. Finally they started getting new growth. I have had them about a year now, and the cactus is thriving.

I noticed the other day it even has a bud for a flower. Mom used to get so excited when her cactus plants would get buds on them! This one only has one, but it’s a sign that better things are to come.

The Oxalis has been divided three times since, and is also thriving and blooming.

Mom’s plants have a home with me right by the window they are so happy in. It is part of Mom that is still with me.

I miss Mom terribly, but I guess life goes on.  Sometimes in it’s own special way…

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