A Remake of My Backyard Space

With the Covid virus changing our regular routines, we have to stay home longer than we normally would. Everyone is fixing up their yards and beautifying their homes, there’s nothing else to do, right? You can tell as the garden center shelves are bare and home improvement stores are pretty sparse as well. So, as the saying goes “when life gives you lemons…make lemonade!” seems so appropriate! So, here we go, a remake of my backyard space!Gazebo
We have always wanted a Gazebo for the back patio as it gets so sunny in the Summer it’s unbearable to sit out there for any amount of time. It took us years to find just the right one, and this year we did.

We found it at Sam’s Club. The price was right, and the best part is they offer delivery AND installation for an additional cost which was very reasonable. We made an appointment to have it delivered before we left the store.

We had our existing bricks relaid as they got a little wavy over the years. We had our bricks re leveled so the patio looked brand new! Within a couple of weeks our beautiful Gazebo was up!

Outdoor Furniture
Now… what do we put under it??? I had wanted an L shaped sectional couch and was going to put a fire coffee table in the middle. But size wise it would have been tight so opted for the same style furniture but in a loveseat and 2 chair with a side table combo.

Outdoor Furniture
It seemed like a really nice set, had great reviews, so I went for it. I grabbed some side tables I had in the garage which matched pretty good.

Gazebo Lighting
I saw this great hanging light from Wayfair I thought would be perfect to hang from the center of the Gazebo. It was perfect and had a plug on the end, which made it super easy to install.

Outdoor RugI got a great outdoor rug at Lowe’s with pillows to match my seat covers of the furniture and the rug.

Fire Coffee TableI finally ordered my fire coffee table from Amazon.

My brother said he would help me install a TV outside under the gazebo.

Fire Outside Dining Set
I have a dining set with a fire ring in the middle of the table we got a few years ago at Costco.

Outside Umbrella
I got a Cantivalier Umbrella from Lowe’s to go over the dining table it as it was open to the sun as well.

I hung cafe lights all around the edge of the gazebo for evening light.

Herb Garden
The best part is all this is adjacent to my herb garden. I redid that this year as well! I just have to work on keeping the rabbits and chipmunks out of it.

We also signed up to get the yard sprayed for ticks and mosquito’s.

Pulling this all together felt like ages as everything takes time to come in and put together. But it will be well worth it to enjoy on the weekends when we are in the pool and grilling.

Garden seating area
Gazebo and seating area. The only thing I have left is putting together the fire coffee table.

Peaceful fountain

Sweet smelling Honeysuckle.

Basil planting
Fresh Basil right on the patio.

orange tree
My Orange tree.

Watering can planter
Watering can Begonias.

Pool plantings
Pool deck planters.

Lavender at the base of my Rose bush.

Another great feature is my brother helped me install a TV under the Gazebo with an electric bracket that moves the TV up under the Gazebo when the TV is not in use. It keeps it up and out of the way, and protects it against the elements. Wasn’t sure if the size of the TV and mount would work, but it turned out perfectly. I used a regular inside TV as the TV would be protected from the elements. I have Xfinity so just connected the TV to the app and I was ready to watch any channel I want. I’ll just take the TV in during the Winter. I do still have to tie up the electric wires from the string lights etc but I think it turned out pretty good.

VIVO Electric Motorized Flip Down Pitched Roof Ceiling TV Mount (MOUNT-E-FD55)


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