Why Such Vivid Differences for Chicken Piccata?

I love Chicken Piccata. But why are there such differences in what you get when eating out?

I order Chicken Piccata…a lot! But I can’t believe the differences in what you get.

1.) Some prepare it with “naked” pale chicken in a bowl of mostly chicken broth based “soup”. NOT MY FAVORITE!

2.) Then I have had Chicken Piccata that is slightly coated with a little flour and sauteed until it’s a little brown with a delicious but minimal sauce of wine, lemon and butter. MY FAVORITE!

3.) Then there are some that coat with a half inch thick batter and deep fry. Covered in a white sauce with “no flavor”. And I mean….NO FLAVOR! NOT MY FAVORITE!

My choice is number 2.
Primarily because I hate naked chicken, so number 1 is out. It doesn’t look good, it tastes even less good, and who wants to splash all that “soup” all over your good clothes when trying to eat the angel hair? You eat with your eyes first, remember? It’s from Bellino’s Trattoria in Wakefield, Massachusetts. The chicken is tender, slightly breaded and the sauce is the perfect balance of lemon, butter and wine. So good, you will want to sop it up with your bread! And that’s the way I think it should be!

Number 3 is out because “all of it” tastes like nothing.

The next pet peeve I have is…restaurants use pictures from the internet that look nothing like what you actually get!…..Tricky, tricky. You get to the restaurant, order the entree and surprise…it look’s nothing like what’s on their website! There goes another donation!

The moral of the story is…you never know what you are going to get. I guess that’s the risk you take trying various restaurants every weekend like I do. Sometimes you find a great place…sometimes not. It’s all up to preference.

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