What’s the Difference Between a Pizza Stone and Pizza Steel?

Pizza Stone or Pizza Steel? What kind of results do you get when making a Pizza?
I noticed a post the other day on the Sip and Feast Blog for NY style pizza. I’m always in for a pizza recipe that perfects the thin, crispy crust and cheese that melts in your mouth. Jim makes his pizza on a pizza steel instead of a pizza stone. That got me thinking…what’s the difference between the two?

Pizza Steel’s

Very Affordable Pizza Steel

Steel is very efficient at conducting heat. It transfers heat at lightning speed. Steel is also better at retaining heat. When using a pizza steel for baking, expect the pizza to cook faster.

Steels require very little maintenance. They may have to be seasoned like your cast iron pan occasionally and can also be used on your stove top as a griddle.

Baking steels give your pizza a more crunchy bottom and cook your pizza quicker. That’s right up my alley.

Pizza Stone’s

Super Affordable Pizza Stone and Peel

A pizza stone is made from porous materials like ceramic or cordierite that absorb heat to cook a pizza.

Pizza stones are great conductors of heat, they don’t transfer the heat as quickly as a pizza steel.

Most home cook’s bake a home made pizza right in their oven. Using a pizza stone or pizza steel the results are pretty good having the right recipe for crust and sauce.

Ooni Karu 16 Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Some home cooks have gone to pizza ovens outdoors such as Ooni. Ooni has several models to choose from. This is their latest model as of this writing. It is a dual fuel model cooking with wood or gas. It reaches 950 degrees F in 15 minutes and cooks a pizza in 60 seconds. You can also make other entrees in your Ooni oven.

Ooni Cast Iron Sizzler Pan

Baked fish is awesome baked in a wood fired oven. Steaks are also delicious when seared in this cast iron pan.

There are many recipes out there for pizza crust and methods for rising. I like a  pizza sauce with a touch of sweetness to offset the acidity of the tomatoes. I like the cheese to basically melt in your mouth. I do not like stringy cheese on pizza. I guess what I’m saying is that there is a lot more to making pizza and getting perfection than one thinks. The crust, sauce, cheese and method of cooking it. It is an art to be perfected to you taste.

I’ll be honest, I have yet to find a recipe for what I call “the perfect pizza”. But I sure am going to have fun experimenting!

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