Review of The Mill Fudge Factory

Went to a trade show recently and bought some of this fabulous fudge!

We went to a trade show recently and saw a booth for fudge. They were offering samples which sold us the minute we tasted it! 

The Mill Fudge Factory is located in beautiful Bristol New Hampshire!

This fudge is to die for!

Hubby got chocolate walnut and I got Penuche Walnut. I bought the smaller size and know to pace my eating of fudge. Hubby’s full size piece is gone! We bought yesterday and this morning it’s gone! That’s how good it is!

Their #1 selling fudge is Belgian Chocolate. They also offer specialty fudge, sugar free fudge, fudge samplers and gift boxes.


This place is voted #3 in the country by MSN and voted top 5 in the country by Paula Deen. They also offer fundraising opportunities for organizations.

This fudge is now my #1 fudge!

They are located at 2 Central Street Bristol, NH 03222

Order here:

For those that don’t know where Bristol NH is, its in the Newfound Lake area. So if you are traveling to the White Mountains or are in the Lake Winnipesaukee area, you are close enough to stop by. 

Try this fudge! You will be just as hooked as I am!

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