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Neapolitan Cupcakes


I’ve always wanted to make Neapolitan cupcakes, and decided to finally do it. I love vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, so why not in the form of a cupcake? I started with two yellow (or in my case, a yellow and a white) cake mixes. I just love the […]

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Buttercrunch Cupcakes


I got the inspiration for these cupcakes from a Pinterest post that had no recipe link, so decided it wouldn’t be too hard to make a cupcake very similar. I was pressed for time, so started with a yellow butter cake mix, and added Heath Bar Crunch bits (the type […]

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Italian Wedding Cupcakes


I pinned this cupcake recipe on Pinterest from Evil Shenanigans, and decided to make them today. Being so close to Valentine’s Day, I thought they would be the perfect thing “chocolate”. I love those chocolate haystack candies, which are basically chocolate and coconut. So this frosting with the chocolate and […]