My Favorite Farm Stand, Wilson Farms is Expanding!

I love going to Wilson Farms. No matter what you are looking for, you are bound to find it at Wilson’s. The only downfall I have is that I have always wished the greenhouse could be bigger. There’s something about wandering in a greenhouse, especially in winter, that brings warmth to your soul. In winter, almost every time I go, I buy a huge bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

Well my wishes have been answered! They are once again expanding (the last time was 1998), and included in the expansion is a huge greenhouse! Of course, there will also be more room for all of the great fruits, vegetables and other goodies they sell! I first found Wilson’s before their 1998 expansion and remember the small farm stand. Even then, it was a place you wanted to return too. The quality of their fruits and vegetables then was just as good as today. They just have much more in their bigger facility. I can’t wait to see the expansion when it is done!

Here’s a drawing I found online that shows what the new addition will look like. The white tents will no longer be there.

I was just there yesterday, and took a picture of the steel beams that house the greenhouse structure.

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