Key Lime Mexican Wedding Cakes


The other day I decided to take home some of the Key Lime Zest we sell at Shopafoodeiaffair and see what we could make with it. The first thing that came to mind is Mexican Wedding Cakes, and add the Key Lime Zest to it. Hense Key Lime Mexican Wedding Cakes. I haven’t made these delicious Mexican Wedding Cakes in quite some time so was looking forward to enjoying them once again.

I made the Mexican Wedding Cake recipe as always. I added the the key lime zest and a little key lime juice. You can either find fresh key limes, or use bottled. Either one will work.

At first I got all excited, and added the key lime zest to the confeecioners sugar to roll the cookies in. All that happened is the confectioners sigar got wet. Apparently, the key lime zest is way too moist for the confectioners sugar. So I went back to rolling the cookies on just plain ole confectioners sugar.

These cookies are deliciously good. The hint of lime flavor comes out in the delicate flavor of these cookies. And they are super delicious for any occasion.

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