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Shrimp Cocktail Salad


I was thinking the other day, how much I loved Shrimp Cocktail, and how great it would be to have it in a salad. After a little searching, I came to the conclusion I would use a lemon vinaigrette for the salad dressing, and pre-marinate the shrimp in the cocktail […]

Salads, Side Dishes

Bell Pepper Slaw


I found this recipe in a magazine recently and thought it was a great variation on Cole Slaw. I used the mandolin to slice the peppers very thinly. I also changed the ingredients for the marinade a little from the original recipe,¬† and it turned out great. Bell Pepper Slaw […]

Tomato Caprese
Appetizers, Salads

Tomato Caprese


What a great appetizer, and sooo easy to make! Farm fresh, in-season tomatoes work best, but any good greenhouse tomato would work well also. I have given quantities as it depends on how many you want to make. Tomato Caprese 2 large tomatoes fresh mozzarella basil leaves extra virgin olive […]

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Potato Salad


I feel like I’ve been making potato salad forever! After all, its the one of those basic foods¬† you think of for summertime entertaining, no matter where you live. Everyone has their favorite recipe. I’ve tried quite a few such as, French style with Dijon mustard and herbs, which is […]

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Chicken Salad


To get a really flavorful chicken for chicken salad, I cook it just as I would a chicken soup. If you make more chicken than you need for chicken salad, the added bonus is you can make a small soup from the broth the chicken cooked in. Just like I […]