Christmas Tree Cake and Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Cake

Christmas Tree Cake

Not sure this Christmas Tree Cake came out hoe I imagined it would, but considering, I think it turned out pretty good.

I was hosting Christmas Eve after church this year, as I have many other times. I made my menu, bought everything for it and got everything¬† set up for it. My nice silver punch bowl for eggnog, the area for beverages, the chafing dished for hot food, etc. When bam!, I woke up Christmas Eve day so sick I could barely get out of bed! I had such a splitting headache, none like ever before! I had chills, aches, you name it. I took some aspirin, and went back to bed in hopes it would go away. Well it didn’t. Then, by noontime I decided to call off hosting Christmas Eve, knowing right well there’s no way I was up for it! I took some NyQuil as all I wanted to do was sleep, and woke about 8 pm. I felt a bit better as my headache subsided. But felt bad Christmas Eve was such a bust. The good news is that I felt better by Christmas Day, not a 100%, but much better in comparison. I went to my mom’s for Christmas dinner, and everything was wonderful.

In light of all of this, I was bound and determined to make this Christmas cake I was thinking of making for some time now. I got the idea from The Baking Pan website. They use fondant trees. I didn’t want to use fondant, so thought I would use sugar cookies decorated instead. All turned out well with the cookies sticking to the cake (I was a little worried about the cookies falling off). I was short on time so didn’t get to decorate the edges.

I used two cake mixes as I wanted the cake to be nice and high. I made some almond flavored frosting and simple frosted each layer.

The cake came out wonderful, and the decorations weren’t so bad either. I will say I like the fondant ones better, but the cookies were edible so that’s a plus! I didn’t get to make all the things I wanted to share on my blog for the holidays, but oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

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